Privacy Policy

We at CatchAnyFlight safeguard our clients’ privacy with strict measures. Keeping your information confidential is our topmost priority. For this matter, we have spelled out a set of high standard practices for handling your information. All our procedures comply with laws and regulations pertaining to internet use.

Read our privacy policy to understand what information we gather about you and how we use it. We believe that an informed customer is an empowered client and so we make sure that you are completely informed about how we handle information. So, you can properly decide whether you want to use our website or not as well as the extent to which you can use it.

Here is our simply stated privacy policy of our online travel agency business:
     CatcAnyFlight does not collect your personally-identifiable data e.g. phone number, email address, or full name unless you authorize it
     We do not disclose your personal information to any third party without prior consent from you
     You can edit and view your personal data as a registered user of
     We take all the necessary precautions to keep your information safe

Why Do We Need Your Personal Information
CatchAnyFlight uses your personal information only to provide a pleasurable flight and vacation packages. We use your private information in a professional manner for official reasons such as invoicing and applications. If we are organizing a tour for you, we will require personal details be it for hotel booking or airline ticket. We send your information accurately to avoid misunderstandings.


If you log in to our website or any other website that advertises our services, our programs might try to put pixel tags or cookies on your computer device. These are small files (software) that our website saves to our visitors’ web browsers. Your computer sends those files back to our website any time you open our site. The cookies facilitate personalization of your browser in order to enhance your online experience. How you use our website can be linked to your personal information you provided on our site when registering. Most browsers accept cookies automatically but you can always command your browser to decline cookies or prompt you before accepting.

If you accept our cookies or pixel tags, you will have full access to all of our website features. And if you choose to decline our cookies, your use of our website features will be hampered. You can learn more about cookies on the internet.

Third Parties

Without prior notice, we may host marketing companies on our website to drive traffic. These third-party companies may use cookies to collect information concerning the online ads you view as well as your browsing habits. This can help us to know more about other products and services you might be interested in. However, we cannot share such information with these third parties without your permission. Note that this permission is not covered by the terms and conditions you agree to when registering at our website.

Refund Policy

You can claim compensation in case your flight is canceled, overbooked, or delayed. Flight delays are normal but you don’t have to accept them. In the event of a disrupted flight, check our website if you can receive a refund and then submit your request. We will make a prompt flight check to find out how much the airline owes you. We will competently manage your claim; don’t fret as we are excellent at this. Just relax as we take the necessary action. We will get to you as soon as possible and continue updating you on the refund process.

You can ask for refunds or cancellations of tickets depending on the type of ticket bought. Note that cancellation fees may apply and this will be deducted from your refund. Certain airline tickets are nonrefundable and that’s why you must read carefully the terms and conditions about the airfare before you ask for a refund.

If your ticket has a non-refundable airfare but allows a change of flight date, you can always reschedule your journey so you don’t lose the value of your ticket.

Conditions for refund
     Only applies to fully refundable airline tickets
     If the request for cancellation of your flight is made within 24 hours of booking/Purchase.